Beginner Lessons

Start your musical journey the right way. Covering all the basics and using the most effective exercises, these lessons are suitable for students who have never picked up a guitar before or those who are relatively new to playing the guitar.
Before the first lesson I will send you a free video lesson to get you playing as soon as possible and give you some basic information about the guitar.

Beginner lessons £25 for an hour.

Intermediate Lessons

Perhaps you have been playing for a few years, using youtube videos and online materials, but you want to take your playing to the next level and hammer out bad techniques you have developed. Perhaps you have been playing ten years and can shred with the best of them, but never got around to figuring out what the name of the notes you’re playing are, or have no idea what key you are in. Maybe you have heard about the CAGED system and want new ways of expanding on your playing. Whether you want to have regular lessons to supplement your playing, or want a one off lesson just to get some advice on a particular area of your playing, if any of the above examples sound like you then these are the lessons for you.
Before the first lesson we will talk about your specific requirements and plan a lesson suited specifically to your needs.

Intermediate lessons from £25 for an hour

I generally only offer lessons for a whole hour as I think this allows time for students to properly warm up at the beginning of a lesson and ask any questions they may have throughout this time. Our lessons are more likely to run over than run short of an hour, and that seems to be how everyone likes it! However alternative lesson timings are available if required

To discuss which lessons are suitable for you, request the free complete beginners video lesson or discuss specific requirements please use the contact form.
I aim to reply within 24 hours.