Whether you’re looking into booking your first lesson as a complete beginner or upgrading your current guitar playing with tailor-made guitar lessons, there is something on this site for everyone.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I have been playing guitar for over 10 years and have the RGT Grade 8 qualification in which I was awarded the top grade of Distinction. In this time I have had a range of experiences, including spending time in recording studios and performing live with a number of bands, ranging in style from alternative rock, to acoustic duos and once upon a time a 6 piece folk rock set up! I also have a wealth of experience songwriting, creating both music and lyrics and going on to produce and perform these. Songwriting is something which I particularly enjoy and think this can go hand in hand with playing the guitar.

I enjoy playing a number of instruments: acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, harmonica, banjo and most recently the tin whistle! My real specialization lies in playing the acoustic and electric guitar, but I do offer bass guitar lessons for beginners.

I have taught a number of students over the years, mainly focusing on complete beginners. I am passionate about introducing people to the world of music, I aim to provide fun, but comprehensive lessons, which I hope will lead to a life long enjoyment of music for the student.

I believe anyone of any age (as long as you have the desire and willingness to learn) can learn to play the guitar and gain a life long and rewarding hobby. Its never too late to learn a musical instrument!

The aims of my lessons are to provide students with high quality guitar tuition while also offering value for money, I will be a point of contact not just during the lessons, but also available via email, to help students overcome any issues they may run into during their own practice time. Students will gradually build up their technical abilities, while developing an understanding of music theory. Using this approach I hope to very quickly provide students with the means to simply ‘play’ the instrument and enjoy doing so. This will enable students to learn any songs they want to, create their own songs and enjoy the experience of playing with other musicians in a variety of settings. Most importantly the lessons are intended to provide the students with the tools to allow them to utilize the vast pool of resources available on the internet and teach themselves in the secure knowledge that their fundamental techniques are solid and they are not developing bad playing habits.

Skype lessons are also available along with the one to one lessons in person. I also offer group lessons for families.

Contact me for more information or to receive the first complete beginners lesson video for free.

enquiries@jdguitartuition.co.uk          Contact

What to expect from lessons?

For beginners we will start with the basics and work our way up from there, in the first few lessons expect to cover:

  • Left and right hand exercises to build strength
  • Open chords to get you playing songs straight away
  • Music theory and fretboard knowledge so you know what musical notes you are playing
  • Basic blues riffs and arpeggios
  • Basic scales
  • Basic ear training

And much more!

For those who are already up and running with their guitar lessons what we cover will be up to you! I offer specialization in:

  • Fingerpicking
  • Alternative chord positions for those stuck on open chords and barre chords
  • Creating your own songs
  • Scales through to modal studies designed to open up the whole fretboard and free you from specific scale shapes
  • Music theory, understanding the importance of keys
  • Introduction to sight reading
To discuss your specific aims get in touch using the contact form!

Josh playing guitar