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Guitar lessons designed for everyone

JD Guitar Tuition offers guitar lessons online worldwide via skype, zoom and other video messengers.

Specializing in introducing complete beginners to the world of playing the electric and acoustic guitar. From playing your first chords to creating your own songs we will cover music theory, right and left hand techniques, improvisation, how to play with other musicians and much more.

For intermediate players some of the things we will look at are opening up the fretboard through modal studies, ensuring a solid theoretical foundation leading to greater improvisational abilities, ear training for quickly being able to learn songs and jam along to your favorites, fingerpicking studies and much more.

Whether you are already a student and want to explore the sites learning materials or are considering booking your first lesson, enjoy exploring the site and feel free to use the contact form for any enquiries you may have.

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Student testimonials
I had never played a musical instrument before and had no idea about music theory. Thanks to lessons with Josh I can play along with songs that I never thought I would be able to play and have started a band creating my own songs! He is very patient and creates a fun and relaxing environment to learn in. His lessons are always clear and easy to understand.

Had lessons with Josh for over two years and I keep going back for more. I always wanted to play guitar and glad I finally did it. Thanks Josh!

We have learnt lots of songs that I like and it’s fun.